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Karin Smith, LMT Owner of 208 Massage and Spa


Hi! My name is Karin Smith. I am lucky enough to live and work in beautiful Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. I moved here with my husband and our “fur babies” from Boise, and I couldn’t be happier. The lakes, hiking, biking, camping and all things outdoors truly make this area special. With such a serene setting, along with my expertise in massage, I took the leap and opened 208Massage and couldn't be happier.


I graduated from the Healing Arts Institute in Ft. Collins, CO in May of 2001 and have been in love with massage therapy ever since.  I started my career in massage onboard a luxury cruise ship in 2001, having obtained many great skills and memories while onboard. I came back to land after more than a year of hard work and transitioned to working in a holistic health center and high end day spa. In 2007, I was presented with an exciting and rare opportunity to return to the high seas as a personal massage therapist to the owner of a fleet of yachts. After 4 years away, I returned to Colorado and began working in a chiropractic clinic.


When my husband and I moved to Boise in June 2017, I was fortunate to have worked in an Aveda spa for 2 years and was able to establish a thriving clientele before moving to Coeur d’Alene.  I specialize in deep tissue massage and injury prevention/treatment, but don’t let that intimidate you – my relaxing massages will leave you wishing you’d booked a longer session. I look forward to earning your trust and giving you an incredible massage! When I’m not doing massages, I enjoy spending time with my husband and our 'kids', getting a great workout in, taking a scenic hike, and traveling.


Hello!   When I graduated from the American Institute of Clinical Massage in Post Falls in 2017, I found an occupation I loved! Out of massage school, I worked at a busy resort spa for several years, allowing me to get some miles under my hands (so to speak). However, now I am excited and ready to build a local clientele and 208Massage is the perfect fit.   


Massage therapy is a very rewarding profession; it's a privilege and an honor to provide a service that helps people. Whether to relax and rejuvenate the mind, body & spirit, provide pain relief, prevent injury or all of the above,


I look forward to helping you. Massage therapy is a profession in which you can continually grow - there is so much to learn about the complex human body! I'm committed to continue to develop my skills and techniques.  


Coeur d'Alene has been home since 2010 when I moved here from Lake Chelan, WA. I enjoy getting out and exploring the mountains and lakes. I am truly blessed to live here in this beautiful area. 

Tashina Reyes, LMT at 208 massage and spa
Danyelle Lillemo, LMT massage therapist at 208 massage and spa


Hi!  My name is Kerianne.  I have lived in the PNW most of my life and now call beautiful Hayden, ID home. My knowledge and love for skin stemmed from trial-and-error product usage through my teen and early adult years How do you know what to use? How do you start? This curiosity led me to the field of Esthetics, graduating from Glen Dow Academy in 2012. I have continued to educate myself and my passion grew. I wanted to not only help people with their skin but also learn how to treat it.  


I believe a great facial should focus equally on treating the skin and providing a relaxing, comforting experience. I truly love what I do and take great pride in taking care of my clients. Having previously worked at a resort spa, I really wanted to see the transformation in peoples’ skin on a more regular basis. I genuinely care for people and put a lot of heart into my hands. I am beyond excited to be ON the team at 208 and am looking forward to helping you feel comfortable and confident in your skin! 


Hello!  My name is Danyelle and I have been a massage therapist since graduating from the American Institute of Clinical Massage in Post Falls  in early 2020. I first got into massage because it fit  well into my lifestyle of traveling  and  I’ve always been told I have a calming presence. Once I started massage school I realized how much I love the bodywork too! Now massage fits  well into my life of having a  family and I have the perfect work life balance.


Prior to working for  208 I worked at a resort spa and I’m really excited to branch more into  the local community and build relationships with my clients. I try to be  a good balance of relaxing and clinical in my massage and I am looking forward to all the experience I will gain at 208.


I’m very excited to be apart of the 208 team! 

kerianna o'connor, licensed esthetician at 208 massage and spa
shelly drewsen, lmt at 208 massage and spa


Hi there! I have been studying women’s health issues for the past 25 years. Driven to find the most natural ways to help my growing family’s aches and pains, I learned acupressure and bodywork. This has led to an intuitive and unique practice.  


My education includes the Acupressure Institute in Berkeley, CA,  plus continuing education classes with Michael Reed Gach, the founder of the school. I graduated from National Holistic Institute in Redding, CA.


My expertise encompasses a variety of acupressure and massage modalities, including Shiatsu, Thai, Acupressure, Myofascial Therapy and Reflexology. 

In my off time, you’ll find me spending time with my family in the mountains.


Jordyn Watts, MSN, ACNPC-AG is a board certified acute care nurse practitioner who has 10 years of experience in cardiac medicine. After having some health challenges of her own, and struggling to find answers from her modern medicine training and knowledge, she sought care in the integrative space. Doing so, has since inspired her to transition her career into providing a more holistic model of care to her patients. Jordyn enjoys blending the best of both functional and modern medicine to create a treatment plan that addresses the patient as a whole. She finds it especially important to seek the root cause, rather then simply treat symptoms. Her area of particular expertise and passion is the early identification and treatment of cardiac disease in women.

Jordyn was raised near Boise, Idaho and loves living in the Pacific Northwest. During her free time you can find her fly fishing, walking her dogs Oakley and Charlie, or spending time with friends in the outdoors.

Jordyn watts, msn, acnpc-ag, 208 massage and spa IV
karmen gregg, PhD(c), MS, CN, nutritionist at 208 massage and spa



Karmen Gregg PhD(c), MS, CN is a clinical nutritionist with a decade of experience in integrative medicine and has a deep passion for food and people. With holistic application, her nutrition philosophy is an integration of research, education, and therapeutic treatment. Karmen approaches each patient individually to resolve the root cause of their symptoms through lifestyle and nutrition with practical, but effective interventions.

Karmen is finishing her doctorate in nutrition with a specialization in perinatal care and has graduate research experience in women's health with an emphasis in endocrinology. She also teaches health science courses at Great Northern University in Spokane, WA.

Karmen grew up in the country outside of Tri-cities, WA and you can find her intentionally lost in the Selkirk mountains, curating recipes, paddleboarding, and spend time with her family and friends.

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